The Nourishment of Christ

Short Thoughts 06 18 17

Today we celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ.  A few weeks ago I wrote and spoke about the Holy Spirit as being that motivator for us to open and use the gift of Easter.  I suggested that the Holy Spirit was the cultivator of the seed of Christ that was planted within us.  Today, we might consider the Body and Blood of Christ to be the nourishment to help that seed of Christ to grow and mature within us.  The Body and Blood of Christ becomes the energy to open the gift of Christ and to put that gift into use.  We know that Christ comes to us spiritually in the Eucharist. However, the Eucharist also becomes a physical reminder that Christ is part of our life.  As we eat the Body and drink the Blood of Christ, we actually feel His presence physically within our bodies.  In its physical touch and its taste, the Eucharist reminds us that we are spiritually nourished by the glorified Jesus to be Christ to those whom we meet every day. 

Deacon Glenn

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