The Heavenly Paradox

Short Thoughts 06 11 17

Have you ever thought about the paradox of this state or place we call heaven?  If heaven is a state of unbounded love in communion with God, then that love as the image of God must be expressed through limitless compassion, understanding, mercy, forgiveness and sharing.  Given our human nature, how is each of us going to do it?  How could I totally love some one who has harmed me?  How would I welcome someone who has gone out of their way to offend me?  How am I able to accept the person who I think should never be in heaven, because of what he or she did in their life?  In other words how is heaven going to work with people like me in it despite all my preconceptions?  I don’t know but I am sure that God has it all worked out.  Perhaps making heaven real for us is what purgatory is all about.  Maybe purgatory is not so much about being purified of past sins and their effects, but rather simply a period of learning to love, to accept and to welcome as God does without reservation or question.  Somehow we must learn to be the true image and likeness of God to live in the presence of God.

 Deacon Glenn


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