The Fire Inside

Short Thoughts 06 04 17

 Today we celebrate Pentecost. We remember how the Holy Spirit came to the apostles. The Spirit gave them the courage and insight to actually carry out the mission Jesus gave them.  The apostles still were confused after Jesus rose and ascended into heaven and needed a push to go out and do that work.  The always foresighted Jesus knew that his apostles would need a dramatic sign to get them moving.  To me, that is why the Holy Spirit came upon them in tongues of fire…to light a fire under them.  Now they were able to take Jesus’ message from being heard by just a few people, to being proclaimed and carried out to all of humanity.  The coming of the Holy Spirit was not just for them. While the Spirit might not descend upon us in the appearance of tongues of fire, the Spirit is deep down within us. We just need to light a fire within ourselves to feel his presence.  The tongues of fire within us are those burning desires to live the good news of Jesus everyday through words and actions.

 Deacon Glenn

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