Risen Chirst in Our Lives

Short Thoughts 05 21 17

 As we move through the Easter season, the focus of our gospel readings moves from the Resurrection to how the Risen Christ will remain in our lives.  While Pentecost is still two weeks away, our gospel tells us that the Father will send the Spirit of truth.  Jesus does not want to leave us to fend for ourselves on our own.  He knows that we need divine help us to continue on the path that He laid out for us.  The Spirit that is sent into our lives is meant not to simply be a physical presence around us, but rather a personal presence within us.  If we are open, we are infused with the Spirit of Christ and He will live in and through us.  We accomplish that when we follow Jesus’ commands by loving God and neighbor.  As we recognize the outpouring of God into our lives, we feel the need to share it with others.  Jesus the Christ will always be with us.  All we need to do is look within and see His essence deep within us to help us any time.

Deacon Glenn

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