Our bodies share in eternal life

Short Thoughts 05 28 17

 Today we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord.  The Son of God always was with the Father in heaven.  But in a special way Jesus, the Son of God, becomes human, leaves this world and goes into the heavenly realm.  He physically leaves this world, no longer seen as that man who died and rose.  Tradition, however, does teach us that the glorified Jesus will return physically at the last judgment.  Jesus ascended to heaven with a glorified body that somehow still had physical attributes.  To me this completes the resurrection process for us.  I believe that somehow we too will retain some type of physical attributes after our own personal resurrection.  In eternal life, we will be in the presence of God not only spiritually, but also like our brother Jesus with a glorified body.  Our bodies are a part of who we are.  Jesus’ ascension shows us that our bodies will have a share in eternal life.  His ascension indicates that our bodies are not to be discarded like empty jars.  

 Deacon Glenn

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