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A new ultrasound machine is in place and in use at Another Way Pregnancy Center in Farmington Hills.  This was made possible through many local Knights of Columbus Councils as well as a donation from St. James!  It is a great tool in helping women make positive decisions!

The following is a true story:

A NEW DAY Indeed!

Our Ultrasound salesman came in, by request, on New Years Eve to unpack the   ultrasound machine and to assure that all parts were working. They were.

“D” had called 2 weeks earlier seeking abortion information.  SOMEHOW she had forgotten what Another Way is…  Cindy happened to answer that call. Cindy had not forgotten her former client’s voice!

Having missed two appointments with Cindy since that call, “D” told Cindy she was off work New Years Day.

On New Year’s Day, Our Medical Director, our Nurse Manager and Cindy Dotson gave their time to come in and meet with “D”. She poured out her story to Cindy.  Cindy had prayed the weeks leading up to this meeting and was equipped with God’s assurance that He would meet with them,  and that He would guide them.

All three of these delightful women expressed their experience of God’s presence in that LIVING ROOM!  (What a GREAT name!) “D” was able to see the image of her baby and received the assurance of three dedicated women who promised to be with her and to assist her along the way.  NO ONE in “D”‘s life was encouraging her to carry this new life. As Cindy read Psalm 139, which “D” had never heard before, “D” was assured of God’s purposes for her and for her child as well.

Please keep “D” in your prayers each day.

God has great plans for AWPC – and we need to be in tune with Him more than ever.  Let’s start the day – and the year – off “Best”!


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