Open our Hearts on the Road

Short Thoughts 04 30 17

Today we hear the gospel passage of the Road to Emmaus.  The risen Jesus met two of His disciples.  They were journeying home after witnessing His death and hearing about His resurrection.  Their minds and hearts were filled with conflict and perplexity.  They needed comfort and resolution. Traveling along with them, Jesus touched them with His words and actions. He opened their eyes to the meaning of the Emmanuel – “God with us” – in their lives. He gave them what they needed. The Risen Lord, Jesus the Christ, would always be with them. This wonderful passage teaches us how Christ is not bound by time or limited by space. Christ was there for the disciples on the road and is here for us today. Christ is ever-present and all we have to do is open our hearts and let him in. We invite him walk with us, teach us and fill us with the essence of God every day of our lives. We just need to open our eyes as the disciples did in Emmaus.

Deacon Glenn

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